1. What might have been the last beach day 🙈 (at Sydney Bondi Beach)

  2. Hangovers and shopping do not mix (at Kmart Bondi Junction)

  3. Monday. Food. Sangria. Beers. Pleased. @kayleighscloset @viktoriabrundin (at Bikini Bar)

  4. Happy birthday suprise my lovely Viktoria!

  5. How to do a suprise party. Lets get started babe! And.. Sorry about all the lies 🙊 (at Niko’s)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my fantastic Viktoria. Thank you for staying positive when all I do is complain. You’re my rock in this strange country far far away. Love you 💜

  7. Mornin’ Bondi

  8. Blue Mountains

  9. Blue Mountains

  10. It’s 1 am now, and in an hour its’s 1 am again. Just sayin’ @kayleighscloset (at Bondi Hotel)